Learn hot to raise these fascinating invertebrates! Low maintenance, yet highly rewarding, isopods make great pets, a natural cleaning crew for bioactive enclosures, or even feeders for some reptiles. MWR will provide all materials needed for a starter colony, including 10-15 isopods of your choice! Register early to ensure your choice of isopods.

$25 Basic Workshop: Choose from Powder Orange (Porcellionides Pruinosus) or Common Pillbug (Armadillidium Vulgare)
Tickets available: 10
$35 Fancy Workshop: Choose from Oreo Crumble (Porcellionides Pruinosus), White Out (Porcellionides Pruinosus), or Dairy Cow (Porcellio Laevis)
Tickets available: 8

Saturday, February 17th, 2024

10am – 12pm


The Ark
7001 W. Commerce St.
Hernando, MS 38632