Eastern screech owl (Megascops asio)

Rufous was admitted into rehab as an adult presenting with a left wing injury as a result of being hit by a car.  The wing had healed improperly and was unable to be repaired, leaving him unable to fly.  He was deemed non-releasable and we obtained permission from USFW to have Rufous permitted as an education ambassador.  


Black vulture (Coragyps atratus)

A young boy stole Vinny’s unhatched egg in the woods and took it home, sneaking it into his mother's chicken incubator.  His egg hatched with the rest of the chicken eggs and thus began Vinny’s life on a chicken farm.  

Vinny is a human imprint and will depend on humans to provide food and companionship for the rest of his life, making him unreleasable.  Vinny adores the attention he receives from his handlers and has a forever home with MWR.


Mississippi kite (Ictinia mississippiensis)

Willow was admitted into rehab for evaluation in September of 2019. His estimated age was 8 weeks. This beautiful bird had been raised, socialized and acclimated to humans from a very young age.  It was the opinion of our veterinarian he would not survive in the wild if released. Due to his amiable temperament the decision was made to welcome Willow to MWR’s education team.






Short-eared owl (Asio flammeus)
Maya was admitted into rehab in November of 2018, presenting with a serious wing injury from a gunshot that prevented her from ever flying free again.
This beautiful owl is permitted for education and exhibition.


Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio)
“Oak” was admitted into rehab in April of 2017 presenting with abnormal vision and wing droop, unable to fly. After being evaluated MWR veterinarian Dr. Stefan Harsch let us know the bird had non-releasable injuries resulting from an old fracture but may be suitable for education.  Oak has a grey phase coloring, perfect camouflage and a great education point.  
Oak is often in programs with Rufous, MWR’s red phase Eastern Screech Owl, to show the significant difference in color morph.


Corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus)

In June 2017, Cornelius made his first appearance at MWR.













Swainson's hawk (Buteo swainsoni)

Spirit was rescued as a hatching by a well meaning couple in 2003.  After 2 weeks they transferred her to Wind Canyon Wildlife Rehab Center in Murietta where it was discovered she had a critical injury to her wing. Despite treatment from staff veterinarians and months of rehabilitation, it was determined that the injury would prevent Spirit from being able to to maintain the flight necessary to complete her yearly migration from California to Argentina.


Spirit was semi-retired in 2020 after educating thousands of children and adults for 16 years in MWR’s outreach programs to the public.  Spirit still resides with her handler Valery Smith, and they walk every day in the woods.  Spirit will be eighteen years old in 2021.

Lisa Marie

Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)
Lisa Marie is an eastern box turtle that came to us in August 2018, after being run over by a car. Our veterinarian pieced her back together and literally saved her life.
She is now living out the rest of her life with us, after being given permission by the MDWFP, to be used as an education ambassador for her species.

Former Ambassadors


Barred owl (Strix varia)

Zelda Moon Shadow

Barn owl (Tyto alba)


Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)