MWR Hires New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Executive Director, Mykl Wallrath.

Mykl brings a wealth of professional experience from all over the United States in leading environmental conservation and education. He was brought in to advance the mission of MWR and to lead the effort to build a state of the art Nature Center and the Valery Smith Wildlife Hospital.

“Valery Elizabeth Smith dedicated her life to saving thousands of animals and inspiring our community to protect wildlife,” says Mykl. “It is my honor to carry on her mission of caring for wildlife, inspiring our community, and leading MWR to accomplish her goals of a wildlife hospital, nature center, and flight cage.”

Please join us in welcoming Mykl to the MWR team!


The MWR Board of Directors

  • Wayne Spell
  • Karen Brown
  • Kate Friedman
  • Donnie Chambliss
  • Russ Kicker
  • Brett Hogan

Thank you to Mark Randall at Desoto Times Tribune for the great article!

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