MWR Volunteer Spotlight – Penny Gallenbeck

Volunteers are the hands, feet and heart that power the MWR mission.  We cannot exist without their generous contributions of time and talent.  So each month we will be appreciating one of our volunteers with a spotlight post.

Meet Penny Gallenbeck,

Penny Gallenbeck

Penny has volunteered with MWR since March 2022.  She began volunteering because of her love for birds of prey and falconry. 

She helps in almost every area of the organization.  As a registered nurse Penny assists with wildlife treatment and rehabilitation as well as collecting and transporting injured patients.  She also helps with MWR educations programs and fundraising events.  And she trains and cares for our education ambassador birds, having formed a special bond with Mochni the Red Shouldered Hawk.  She especially enjoys providing enrichment for our education birds and learning more about wildlife rehabilitation. 

Fun Fact:  Penny was an avid skier/ bare foot skier most of her adult life.  She chose a ski boat over an engagement ring and says “I’ve never regretted that decision”

Thank you Penny for all you do for MWR. 

MWR is currently in need of dedicated volunteers to help in the following areas:

• Social media coordinator

• Wildlife Rehabilitation/ Animal care

• Baby Bird Brigade (Spring and Summer)

• Education programs

• Rehab patient transport

If you are interested in volunteering with MWR please complete this application

and submit to  

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