MWR Volunteer Spotlight – Stephanie Brock Allen

Volunteers are the hands, feet and heart that power the MWR mission. We cannot exist without their generous contributions of time and talent. So, each month we appreciate one of our volunteers with a spotlight post.

Meet Stephanie Brock Allen,

Stephanie has volunteered with MWR since April 2022.

As a newcomer to the area with equestrian experience and a love of animals she applied as a volunteer and met with Wildlife Director Stephanie Hogan and late founder Valery Smith. It was an instant fit, and she began working with songbirds. Since then, she has learned to care for and handle our education birds as well. Stephanie also helps with events, birthday parties, administrative needs, maintenance projects, fundraising…………………………… Yep pretty much everything.

Stephanie says the reason she volunteers is, “I think as stewards of this earth we all have a responsibility to do good whenever we can. It is so rewarding when an injured bird that has been in our care recovers and can be released”.

Fun Fact: Stephanie has developed a strong bond with “Cornelius” the corn snake. She shared that most of here family thinks she is a little crazy to be so enamored with a snake but can’t help it because “he’s my main squeeze”.

Thank you, Stephanie, for all you do for MWR.

MWR is currently in need of dedicated volunteers to help in the following areas:

• Social media coordinator

• Wildlife Rehabilitation/ Animal care

• Baby Bird Brigade (Spring and Summer)

• Education programs

• Rehab patient transport

If you are interested in volunteering with MWR please complete this application

and submit to  

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