MWR Minute – November 2023

This is the first of what we plan to be a monthly update on what is going on at Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

November is a month designated for giving thanks. And MWR is thankful for so many things. For our followers and supporters. For the opportunity to care for the many patients we receive and especially for those memories when we release them back into the wild. So many great things happened in November, here are just a few highlights.

Patient Update:

This month we admitted 26 new patients into care, 23 birds and 3 turtles of 18 different species.

Sponsor Thank You:

A big Thank You to the following people who answered the call to sponsor our rehab patients through Sponsorship Sunday.

  • Kissi Sullivan
  • Marsha Klimetz
  • Dana Young Alvarez
  • Teresa Reid
  • William Latham
  • Leslie Shipley
  • Christina Baldwin
  • Julia Sissom Maitre
  • Laura Haulum
  • Carol Decker
  • Jeff Leathers
  • Carol Bohon
  • Karen Brown
  • Christy Milbourne

Your gift is life-giving for these animals. Keep an eye out for upcoming Sponsorship Sunday opportunities.

And a very special thank you to Trunkline Gas Company for their generous year-end donation.

You can make a year end gift HERE.

Programs update:

  • On our Fall Forest Hike, we enjoyed the beautiful autumn foliage and explored how the life cycle of trees sustains the forest, while meeting some amazing forest friends along the way. Check our page often to learn about upcoming programs.
  • North Point Christian School learned about nocturnal animal adaptations, got to meet Athena the barn owl and got hands on as they dissected owl pellets. Teachers, we would love to meet your students.
  • The Moreau family had an up-close encounter with our education ambassadors through our Meet & Greet program. Reach out today to schedule this unique memory making experience for your family.

Thanksgiving month would not be complete without acknowledging the $3000 we raised for Giving Tuesday to help feed our patients in 2024. We cannot express how grateful we are to all those that participated.

MWR Hires New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Executive Director, Mykl Wallrath.

Mykl brings a wealth of professional experience from all over the United States in leading environmental conservation and education. He was brought in to advance the mission of MWR and to lead the effort to build a state of the art Nature Center and the Valery Smith Wildlife Hospital.

“Valery Elizabeth Smith dedicated her life to saving thousands of animals and inspiring our community to protect wildlife,” says Mykl. “It is my honor to carry on her mission of caring for wildlife, inspiring our community, and leading MWR to accomplish her goals of a wildlife hospital, nature center, and flight cage.”

Please join us in welcoming Mykl to the MWR team!


The MWR Board of Directors

  • Wayne Spell
  • Karen Brown
  • Kate Friedman
  • Donnie Chambliss
  • Russ Kicker
  • Brett Hogan

Thank you to Mark Randall at Desoto Times Tribune for the great article!