MWR Minute – December 2023

With Christmas celebrations in full swing and 2023 coming to an end, Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation had an eventful December. We were chosen as a finalist for the Desoto Times Tribune 2023 Desoto’s Best awards for categories of best charity and best trails. And as we eagerly await the results, we are very honored to be considered. On the last day of the year, Wildlife Director Stephanie Hogan lead a team of amazing volunteers on an adventurous 20-hour rescue of an American Bald Eagle.  Read the full story HERE.

Patient Update:

This month we admitted 32 new patients into care, 31 birds and 1 turtle of 15 different species.

Sponsor Thank You:

A big Thank You to Doug Cooke and Dana Young Alvarez who answered the call to sponsor our rehab patients through Sponsorship Sunday this month. Your gift is life-giving for these animals.  Keep an eye out for upcoming Sponsorship Sunday opportunities

Program Update:

We visited Pleasant Hill Elementary.  Athena the Barn Owl and Rufous the Eastern Screech owl helped us teach 44 3rd grade students about animal adaptations.  We also learned how all things are connected through the food web. The students enjoyed exploring this concept hands on by dissecting owl pellets.  We are looking forward tovisiting  more schools in 2024.  Please reach out if you would like us to come to your school.

Looking Ahead:

As we enter the new year, MWR is excited about the many upcoming programs, workshops, camps and projects we have planned.   Continue to follow us on Facebook or at our website to find out what we have going on.  And don’t miss our Bioactive Terrarium Workshop coming up on January 13

Wishing everyone a blessed 2024.

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